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Hey there,

I have divided MY CORNER into sections, feel free to explore, MORE will be added as I walk this JOURNEY OF FAITH, on my way to my DESTINY. 

  • DAILY STREAM is designed to ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE, and UPLIFT YOU in your time of need.
  • NUGGETS OF WISDOM is designed to teach wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, through my personal experience.
  • TESTIMONIES OF GRACE are designed to INSPIRE your soul to breathe, and heal your hurting heart through the eyes of VICTORY.
  • JOSEPH GIRLS JOURNEY is my personal Journey with my girls through the Word of God, through the children’s eyes.
  • SWORD STUDY, AND REVELATIONS is hidden treasures, found within the Holy scriptures, while digging deep, through personal study and prayer.

I hope MY CORNER will be a blessing to you, and inspire your heart to breathe in the midst of this DAILY Journey we call LIFE.