On the verge of taking his life, with no hope, and full of despair, he was desperate for air. Daniel met Mrs Lena aka FIRESTARTER, via Cyber Space, and she changed his life for the better.

Here is HIS story! 

“Everything around me, began to crumble down, I decided to take my life, then I came in contact with Firestarter, things turned around for me. Mrs Lena Joseph transformed my life for the better. She has inspired  my heart to breethe again, and I decided to give GOD a chance. I was added to a study group chat, which she also leads, and everyday, I was able to beat that spirit of fear, depression and rejection.

I saw results immediately!  I worked hard, so I could achieve my goals. Firestater build me up with prayers, and encouraging studies, that continued to strengthen me daily. I felt brand new, and better everyday, I had pain below my stomach, I prayed and the pain reduced.

A soccer agent who forgot me for almost 2 yrs called to get my international passport ready. I didn’t  have the finances, I was so confused. I spoke to Mrs Lena, she assured me that she would help me. Feeling like a professional soccer player already, I’m ready to DREAM again. She has inspired me to Dream. I thank Mrs Lena and Firestarter crew.. God bless you for your prayers and support!

Thanks to Firestarter Ministries for encouragement, upliftment and motivation.

-Daniel, the underground soccerplayer, from Nigeria. Dreams to play internatually all over the world, and eventually building a Church for God. 

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